About Us


My name is Lakisha McMillian and I am the CEO/Owner of Simply Unique, LLC. I have always had a love for candles. I enjoy good smells and my go to has always been to light a candle. Candles do more than just provide fragrant aromas. They bring back memories, change the way you are feeling and can set a mood. There are various reasons why one can love candles and I definitely agree with the saying - You can never have too many candles.

Once I decided to become an entrepreneur, I tested various waxes and determined what would be the best option for my business. As I learned more, I thought about the look I envisioned and I decided I wanted to bring a little more to the table. I knew scrubs would be a great addition to my business. Once I started researching scrubs, I decided why not create a few more products so that I can include them as a gift box or basket. I eventually added shower steamers and bath salts, which have been updated to bubbling bath salts.

My goal is and has always been to create products where your self-care is enhanced by adding a simple yet unique experience. My business name, Simply Unique means that even the simple things can be rare and distinctive. I believe you should always dare to be different, that is what keeps life interesting.